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Inuua Maisonnete House Plans
  •  3-5
  •  3+
  •  4.7M-6.9M
  • Our 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom maisonette floor plans, are designed to ensure costs of building a home are within all our reach.
  • Architectural designs vary from the conventional roofs to the more modern flat roofs for different floor plans.
  • Our home plans are designed to fit on plots from 30 x 60 with options to add a DSQ or home office module.
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Inuua Bungalow House Plans
  •  2-4
  •  2-3
  •  2.7M-5.3M
  • Our Bungalow house plans are suited for rural and urban areas alike.
  • From the modern to the more classical architectural designs, you choose knowing that factors, from looks to costs are in balance!
  • The 2 beds can fit on plots smaller than 30 x 60, but we have a variety suited well to our Kenyan plot sizes.
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Inuua Jenga polepole House Plans
Jenga Pole Pole
  •  1-4
  •  1-3
  •  1.7M-4.8M
  • Start with a one bedroom and build your dream home over time!
  • The phase by phase building approach allows you to build as your family needs change and as your finances allow.
  • Most important however, it’s your home. No rent, less worries.
  • Starting from the 30 x 60 to 40 x 80 and 50 x 100, the Jenga Pole Pole designs bring your dream home within reach stage by stage!
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Inuua Bedsitter House Plans
  •  Self contained
  •  3.4M-8M
  • This range of designs is for the more investment oriented.
  • Bedsitters can be a lucrative investment as long as the features designed always cater to your tenants.
  • Inuua’s architectural design of bedsits are self-contained and likely to fetch better rents, and attract better clients.
  • From the 30 x 60 plot to bigger sizes, you can build sometimes in phases to lift your income to greater heights.
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Inuua DSQ and Home Office Plans
DSQ & Home office modules
  •  1-2
  •  0-1
  •  450K-950K
  • Inuua offers DSQ and home office modules as options to add to home designs as you need.
  • The DSQs are both 1 or 2 bedroom to place on the site as you prefer.
  • The Home office modules are architectural designs that allow you to work from home more efficiently.
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Why Use Inuua to build your Home?

Happy customers

More about Inuua

Inuua Maisonette Lounge Render

Team and Vision

Inuua’s team, consists of experienced professionals from the construction sector, as well as technology professionals who want to really help people to build their own homes.

We believe that owning your home lift’s (Inuua’s) your mindset freeing the mind to greater productive heights for personal and societal benefit.

Carefully costed in a wide range of styles

We have a variety of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom plans chosen to balance cost, beauty and practicality.

When you make a purchase, you get:

  • Architectural Plans
  • Overall BQ as well as electrical and mechanical BQs
  • Structural Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Guide to building approvals

It is important to note that the plans and costs are for a flat site with 1.2 m of soil cover.

It is critical to do a trial pit as well as assess the slope on your site to ensure your costs and drainage drawings are updated accurately, with help from Inuua’s experts.

We help you get county approvals

It is a legal requirement to obtain County Approvals before building.

To apply one must engage a registered architect, who can apply using Inuua drawings.

You will also need to provide a survey plan, ownership documents and a rate receipt for your plot.

The County will then notify you under what conditions you can build.

Get in touch and we’ll help where we can in the Greater Nairobi Area!

Personal project manager to help you on your way

At each stage of your home construction the construction cost broken into materials and labour guide your purchase decisions.

Your build diary records your spending and photo uploads of site and spending help track of costs and progress.

The builders guide helps you ensure that you can supervise your site at each stage to ensure quality.

Our Partners

Some of the partners we work with on our mission

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