Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who is Inuua?

Inuua’s team, consists of experienced professionals from the construction sector, as well as technology professionals who want to really help people to build their own homes.

We believe that owning your home lift’s (Inuua’s) your mindset freeing the mind to greater productive heights for personal and societal benefit.

2.What do you do?

We start by providing great plans at complete with architectural drawings, bills of materials and labour, all engineering drawings and free project management tools for Kshs 20,000/- and then help you build with online tools, saving you up to 40% of your build costs.

With this you can manage your site much better as you have professional information to guide your decisions.

3. What about these online tools?

Our online tools help to locate suppliers around your site manage your material ordering at every stage, as well as supervising and keeping records of your construction. You can even share the images with your SACCO/Bank.

Our online tools are shown her :

3.Can you explain more about saving 40% on your building?

We built demonstration project in Ruiru and after completion, the difference between a BQ using contractor rates and our method ended up at 40%. Here is a demonstration video of the project

4. How do you calculate this build cost?

Our BQs and costs are calculated as costs of material and labour. They don’t factor in the contractor's profit.

We believe you can save by co-ordinating with our online tools, as well as working with a site supervisor.

The figures provide a guide as you build and manage rather than to rely simply on labourers or others as to what material quantity is needed and how much it will cost.

It is important to understand that final costs do vary with finishing materials that the customer chooses, as well as how they have managed their site.

5. Do you do custom designs?

At the price of Ksh. 20,000 it’s not possible to do complete plan designs as the professionals' time is very expensive. The architect, engineers and quantity surveyors for each plan would work out at KSh. 100,000 or more.

We can do some small customisation of existing plans but not anything more.

Perhaps you can look for a plan at you may like and see what could work for you and your family?

6. Can I have modifications done on a plan?

We can do small modifications but it would be up to our partner architects to decide to what extent they can do the modifications.

You can email us with some notes on an Inuua plan and we can then see how to help you!