Bed Sitter ID 150100

Build cost  KSh 7,957,555

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
50x100 and above

The 50 x 100 plot can accommodate 12 self contained executive level units too. Its possible that with a little bit of planning, the 12 units could be built in phases, allowing an income while others are being built.

Floor Plans

ExcavationsKSh 0KSh 28,800
Foundations and hardcore fillingKSh 600,849KSh 57,600
Ground floor slabKSh 386,243KSh 83,400
WallingKSh 652,798KSh 75,600
Roof beamKSh 209,984KSh 28,000
RoofingKSh 2,274,857KSh 279,800
Plasterwork, floor screeds and window cillsKSh 221,775KSh 39,200
WindowsKSh 109,980KSh 15,400
DoorsKSh 290,720KSh 15,400
TilingKSh 393,513KSh 29,800
Kitchen, wardrobes, store shelving and mirrorsKSh 847,610KSh 35,200
Wiring, sockets, switched and bulb holdersKSh 42,000KSh 10,200
Toilets, showers, water tanks and sinksKSh 230,000KSh 13,600
PaintworkKSh 250,452KSh 29,800
Boundary WallKSh 257,280KSh 42,000
Waste water disposalKSh 150,000KSh 30,600
Ground Tank PlinthKSh 9,500KSh 2,000
Parking slotsKSh 169,590KSh 44,000
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