Building your home can become a real headache

Our simple sytem offers modern house plans - each with realistic cost projection, access to suppliers near you and tools to manage your project every step of the way.

Simplify your life and save up to 40%!

How it works

Select the house design

Select the house design that best meets your budget and needs

Download the app

Download the Inuua app from the Play Store and access your pre-uploaded project based on your selected architectural plan.

Manage your project at your pace

Maximise your time and money by planning the materials and labourers you need on site at any one time, right from your phone.

Move in

Move into your dream home!

INUUA is much more than a house plan

Choose a beautiful, well thought out, modern architectural design by top architects, perfect for your family and budget, complete with floor plans and engineering drawings for your plumbing and electrical circuitry.

Included with your house plan is a Bill of Quantities (Cost Estimate) uploaded for you in the Free app which enables you to manage project costs, labour and required materials. If needed, you can use the Bill of Quantities to access financing.

Track your materials and labour costs at your pace and monitor your progress with photos your supervisor shares from your site across every stage of your project, right from your phone.

Access suppliers near your site. Compare quotes right from your phone and have your goods delivered. All payment is secure and held in Escrow until goods are delivered. You will enjoy special discounts and deals exclusively through the app.

Use our Builder's Guide in the app for expert advice and resources for every stage of construction.

Join a community of home builders like you! Share your on-ground experiences and be encouraged to finish your build!

Begin with an affordable and beautiful design

Select from a wide variety of house designs to match your taste. Access professional architectural designs for only Ksh 20,000 with any plan you select. This massive saving and stress saver is just the first of many Inuua offers during your construction journey.


2-4 bathrooms

2-3 bedrooms


3-5 bathrooms

3+ bedrooms


Self contained

DSQ & Home office

1-2 bathrooms

0-1 bedrooms

Jenga Haba na Haba

Jenga Haba na Haba is our construction concept that enables you to complete the most critical part of your home, so you can move in and add the rest of the rooms at your own pace without the burden of also paying monthly rent.

Build your dream home straight from your phone using Inuua

Download the Inuua App and find a world of helpful tools and resources to help you along your construction journey. The app gives you access to a community of helpful experts and individuals building their homes. See features below:


Choose a beautiful, welt thought out, modem architectural design


Track your materials and labour costs at your pace and monitor your progress


Use our builders guide for expert advice and resources at builders like you, every stage of construction.


Access suppliers near your site. Compare quotes right from your phone and have your goods delivered.


Use our Builder's Guide in the app for expert advice and resources for every stage of construction.


Join a community of home builders like you!


I settled any doubts by buying plans and drawings for my home at their offices. During construction they give honest advice, onsite and on email with photos to help me make informed decisions. I think their project tools could prove useful too. Read the full case study.

Joe Ocholla

We thank Innua, for their wonderful house design, which met our desire for our first home project.
Their prompt services were seamless. from acquiring the blue prints and BQ's to the permit application process.
We are grateful and recommend them for any other person interested in building their own home.


Once I bought the plan for my Mum’s home, the Inuua Team passed by her site in Ruai to help with practical honest advice. They regularly ask how they can help and I recommend you sending in photos regularly. They really do want to help you build your beautiful home!

Dr. E. Mugambi

Save up to 40% on your building costs

By managing your project using INUUA you can save up to 40%, here's how;


You control every stage of the construction removing the need for a contractor. This way, you save on what would've been your contractors 'profit'.


Through the app, you will know the right amount of material to purchase for every stage of the construction.


The app also gives you access to competitive quotes from highly rated suppliers near you.


At each stage of the construction you will have full knowledge of the materials needed to complete the build. No more Fundi guesstimates!!


With inuua's stock control system, you have full control, accountability and oversight of your materials' issuance from storage. This builds transparency.


An in built builder's diary helps you keep track of all aspects of the construction journaling the process for future reference.

Join a community of home builders like you and get timely advice, building tips and tricks and encouragement along the way.

Need more?

  • While we do not offer custom plans, we can make minor adjustments to an Inuua plan, to help you to get the house that will suit your needs.
  • If you are interested in hiring a supervisor or contractor to work on your project, we are happy to recommend some to our customers.
  • Put your creative stamp on your design by choosing your preferred cladding or finishes.
  • To approach your bank for financing, we can furnish you with the Bill of Quantities at an added cost on your selected plan so the bank can understand your project.
  • We are working to get our plans pre-approved in Greater Nairobi (Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos). In the meantime, we can support you to get county approvals for your Inuua project.

Your Time & Money are valuable. We want to help you avoid

  • The expense of hiring your own architect and Quantity Surveyor.
  • Confusion about the building process.
  • Building an untested design.
  • Painstaking manual price comparisons.
  • Loss of materials on your site.
  • Losing track of your project expenses.

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