Thinking About your Finances


Kishan Bhanderi

Many people have got in touch with us at Inuua about how they can get to building their own home.

We we can help guide your thoughts as we work to help you reach , although we are not financial consultants.

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The starting point would involve money and how much you can actually save towards this important goal.

The questions that you need to ask include the following:

A. How much do I earn after Tax?

B. What do I need for current living expenses?

This should include your rent, food, school fees and other family expenses.

C. If you can do A minus B = free cash you have to invest in your home.

This is the amount you can spare or save to buy a plot every month.

It will require discipline to save this amount every month, but it will help you to build up towards having a deposit for a plot or home purchase.

Be sure to save in a reliable SACCO or stable bank that sees your track record and that can help you with a small loan should you need it when you find a plot in an area you like.

Also be careful when buying your plots as there are many con people around.

Check documents very carefully and if in doubt don’t give your hard earned money.

A search on the title at the local lands office can be difficult but is critical as it will show you the owner.

Sometimes, unfortunately this may not be enough and it maybe worth asking around on the ground the history of ownership from neighbours on the plot etc.

If you buy a plot you can then use to build your home slowly.

You can chose a plan and then manage your construction as well as, planning each month what you will need to buy to build for the next month and how you will pay for it.

Slowly but surely you will then be able to achieve your dream to own your home.

We hope this helps a little to guide you on your journey,

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