Planning your Finances


Kishan Bhanderi

As you start on your journey to build your home, it is important to plan your finances.

This is because construction often takes up more funds than are available to most of us.

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Many sources of funds could be available to you :

  • Your salary and other income
  • Your savings
  • Sacco funding
  • Bank Loan or Mortgage


As you plan, you will need to take into account that you will need to budget for your family's daily needs and cater for a large outflow of funds.

For most of us the outflow of funds needed to keep the site running will exceed our inflow of funds.

This makes it important to plan well, and look ahead to overcome this likely shortage of funds or to plan how you will build the Jenga Pole Pole way, stage by stage or phase by phase.

Every Inuua residential building plan allows you to access a cost breakdown before you buy the plan to help you with your planning.

This cost breakdown shows you the cost of materials and labour at every stage of your construction from foundation to painting.

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Sample build cost breakdown for an Inuua Plan

In the simplified example below we can see the funds required to complete a 5.675m home,

which has a Ground Floor, First Floor and Flat Roof Slab.

We have taken an income of Kshs 200,000/- ( and not removed living expenses )

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 7.30.22 PM.png

Here we can see that the outflow of funds for the various stages is considerably more than the income.

To overcome this we can either borrow the funds, (with the associated interest costs) or build as and when we can afford, as most of us do.

What often happens is we save up to finish the foundation, and stop the construction, we then go back to site when we have the funds to complete the GF slab, and then repeat the process.

Without a bills of materials and labour ( BQ ), we don’t have the benefit of the cost breakdown to allow us to plan as shown above!

At Inuua, we encourage you to look at the stages in the “Build Cost Breakdown” and how you plan to have the funds available to complete your beautiful home, as you buy the plan!

At first it is easy to despair, but slowly and surely if you are determined and organise your finances you will find the way to build your beautiful home!

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